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  A little bit of Secrets, eMail, and Files !

"AEFS is a cryptographic file system for OS/2 and Unix-like operating systems. It allows transparent access to encrypted files stored on any file system -- it's not necessary to dedicate a disk partitions. Several block ciphers are currently supported (Rijndael and Twofish) and extended attributes are supported under OS/2." ~ AEFS

I see posts all the time about how to backup data on Os2/eCS. So, I decided to collect some of the techniques that I have seen posted on the news groups. Also, I encourage others to post their solutions and scripts that they use to backup data on eComStation.

From the Forum...


I put together a package (RsyncBackup.zip) that will install a working setup for Rsync. You can install it on only one machine or install the same package on two machine for a client / server setup. It's also an easy way to install Rsync for the newly ported Qt apps that use Rsync !


I got sick of installing Firefox manually, so I wrote this script. Just drop any Firefox zip file on the object and it automatically unzips and installs firefox. It has two options, 1) update existing installation and 2) specify install location for firefox!